(Note: These are the steps we personally used to begin our crypto-trading journey. If you have other alternatives you may choose to go your route. This is not in any way, shape, or form meant to be financial advice, nor is this meant to encourage anyone to trade against your own will. The crypto market is extremely volatile and can result in tremendous loses or great gains. Invest at your own risk, We strongly recommend seeking advice from a professional financial adviser. Only invest what you can afford to lose in a worst case scenario. As we always tell new investors, please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.)


Step 1

Convert your USD into a tradable coin. Example: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Below is a link to one of the most commonly used exchange houses, Coinbase:


Step 2

Transfer your cryptocurrency to which ever exchange house you wish to start trading in. I will provide you with a few examples of some of the most common exchange houses currently available, just click on the links below, once you click on one of the links, it will automatically take you to their website, just sign up and/or register and move on to STEP 3. (WARNING: BE SURE TO ONLY SEND COINS TO THE SAME COIN ADDRESSES (ex. BTC to BTC, LTC to LTC, ETH to ETH, etc…). IF NOT, YOUR MONEY AND COINS WILL BE LOST FOREVER.)



Step 3

(Note: This is the crucial part of your transactions, this is where people have lost their coins/USD because they failed to follow instructions accordingly. Please be sure to follow instructions properly to avoid any losses. Keep in mind, due to a high volume of new traders entering the crypto-market, some of these exchanges are having difficulties keeping up with such a high demand, therefore, it might take some exchange houses longer to process your funds than others, just be patient. WARNING: BE SURE TO ONLY SEND COINS TO THE SAME COIN ADDRESSES (ex. BTC to BTC, LTC to LTC, ETH to ETH, etc…., IF NOT, YOUR MONEY AND COINS WILL BE LOST FOREVER.)

Ok so if you have made it this far then we are in for a good start. The next few steps are very CRUCIAL due to the fact that if you copy any address wrong, even if its one letter or number off, your transaction will be lost. Although there are some ways to try and recoup your transaction, it is extremely time consuming and tedious, so please pay close attention to your addresses. When you subscribe, be sure to create as many safety procedures as possible, we use Google Authenticator from the app store to verify every log-in. Below you will see a perfect example of what your Coinbase screen will look like when you are about to transfer from Coinbase to an exchange platform, we used Coinbase to HitBTC in our examples below. 

"Recipient" Box indicates where you will

be sending your LTC to from your

Coinbase account

"Wallet address" is the address that you will be given when you create a new address on the HitBTC exchange platform. You could also use the barcode scan image if you wish. Please be sure that both addresses match before you make any transactions.

Step 4

Once you complete this step, you can check the progress of your transaction by clicking on the "Accounts" tab on your coinbase platform, then click on the transaction slot you are seeking information about. When you click on it, you will see a hyperlinked "pending" word. If you click on that hyperlink it will direct you to a different web-page that will show you the status of your transaction. These transaction do take a while, depending on how much traffic is going through the servers, so please remember to be patient. Once the transaction is complete then you can check back on your cryptocurrency exchange platform and see your LTC funds there, once that is all set up then you are ready to make your first investment. Happy trading!! 

Remember, it is crucial that you do your own research, you only loose when you sell low, and remember to be smart about the dips, you'll know what we mean when the time comes.